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This ebook guide teaches you the muscles that you need to work to make sure that you have excellent posture all day long, and that you will have the benefits that go along with good posture. You will be able to get rid of many headaches, brain fog, and aching neck muscles by using this workout. There is no need to look old! Stooping is the sign of old age Even if you are an older person you too can work out this muscle group to give you the powerful posture of a much younger person! This bad posture that we are correcting is called texting neck. It comes when you look down at something (like a book or your phone) too often, which puts a huge strain on your neck. You will learn how to fix this problem and help your neck to be in better shape today. Your neck is supposed to remain vertical; we can help put it back where it goes to make sure that you stay healthy for years to come. Read more...

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People think that acting is pretending to be something, said Ms. Roberts, but all good actors know a secret that a lot of other people don't seem to be aware of. If you change your posture and the expression on your face, you begin to change the way you feel. You don't have to try to pretend to be happy or sad. By taking the posture of a person who is experiencing those emotions you actually start to feel it. It is real.

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