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The Structure Of This Book

The topics around which the stories of each chapter are woven represent a common therapeutic goal. These topics are not meant to be all-inclusive or totally definitive of pediatric therapeutic goals. They are derived from experience in my own clinical practice, from discussions with other clinical, educational, pediatric, and developmental psychologists, and from the results of an unpublished study I conducted of congress attendants in which they were asked to list what they saw as the ten most common therapeutic goals. The outcome goals I have used just happen to be a convenient framework for me to structure my healing stories. I hope they will provide a guide on which you can develop metaphor ideas ofyour own but I want to offer the caution that they are not the only therapeutic outcomes and may not be relevant for you or your young clients. If they are helpful, please feel free to use them but, if not, do not limit your stories or therapy to what happens to be a convenient...

Other Studies

Recently, we conducted one such study to test the hypothesis that CA might exert an effect on neurodevelopment (i.e., smaller hippocampus) that only emerges at a much later stage of brain maturation (Andersen & Teicher, 2004). This postulate differs from ones stating that reduced hip-pocampal size is the culminating end product of years or decades of PTSD or depressive symptoms or that such a reduction is a preexisting risk factor associated with the emergence of psychopathology that persists into adulthood (Bremner, 2003 Gilbertson et al., 2002). Specifically, developing rats were stressed by periods of maternal separation and isolation that occurred between 2 and 20 days of age. Following this early stress exposure, the rats were sacrificed at weanling, peripubertal, young adult, or full adult ages. Using synaptophysin via immunohistochemistry as a marker of synaptic density, we found no significant difference in synap-tophysin measures at weanling and peripubertal ages, but a...

Kindle Empire

Kindle Empire

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