Take your child to new places and introduce him to new experiences

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Talk about the new, interesting, and unusual things that you see and do.

3 Teach your child the meaning of new words. Say the names of things around the house. Label and talk about things in pictures. Explain, in simple ways, how to use familiar objects and how they work.

Parent Talk

"That's a whale! It's a great big animal, as big as a truck. It lives in the ocean."

"This is a vacuum cleaner. We use it to clean the floor. See how it cleans up the spilled cereal?"

Help your child to follow directions. Use short, clear sentences to tell him what you want him to do.

Parent Talk

"Give me your hand, please."

"Please take off your mittens and put them on the table.

Then I'd like for you to bring me your jacket so that I can hang it up."

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