Your experience is not unique

Jocelyn felt unsupported by her daughter's school. She planned to spend a few weeks working with her daughter to build her bully-blocking strategies. She also knew that other parents were unhappy. If nothing changed, she planned to send them a questionnaire. She would use the feedback to pressure the school to take action or contact the media. However, the school was very distressed by the bullying and took action.

It's nice to know that you are not alone and can meet with other parents whose children are being bullied. Besides, schools are more open to feedback from a bunch of parents than from just one. However, regardless of whether your child is being bullied by a friend or enemy, don't confront him or his parents. Like you, most parents reject criticism of their child and retaliate. A pleasant chat can deteriorate into an impasse, escalate into a parent brawl, or your child will be bullied for 'dobbing'. It's the school's responsibility to confront the bully's parents. In other words, don't bully others to protect your child.

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