Use anchors

Tell your child: Every boat requires powerful anchors to stop it drifting with the tide. People use emotional anchors to make them feel good, confident and empowered. Generally they are linked to something special. Some people use religious symbols as an anchor, others usetheirmobile phone,atoy or some jewellery. You can create your own anchors to give you a feeling of power. For example, when you block a mean kid, you could anchor your feeling of power with a smile. Then every time you see that child you could smile to unlock your power. You could anchor this powerful moment to an action (such as touching your ear) or an object (such as a toy).

Adult to child: 'Tell me what you felt inside when you achieve something important.'

Then say, 'What action or object can you use to remind you of that special feeling?'

Then reply, 'Whenever you need power, you can access that feeling by using your anchor.' Make sure you remind them about this from time to time.

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