Social difficulties

Not everyone is sociable. Some children find it hard to be friendly and relate to a group of kids. You may have personal difficulties that affect your socialising. Perhaps you don't know how to begin a conversation, have fun or join in unorganised activities at lunchtime or recess. You may say or do the wrong thing, be very quiet and find social situations hard. Other children then see you as different.

If you are socially isolated, you advertise your vulnerability and are more likely to be bullied. You may react, irritate or aggravate to get attention. You may pretend to belong to a group even if its members bully you because you may prefer negative attention to none. Your reaction then leads to further bullying. Or perhaps you get attention by trying to control others instead of relating with respect and empathy.

An easy target feels ashamed and doesn't complain assertively If your communication skills are poor, this handicaps you reporting and relating what happened in an assertive, objective manner to parents and teachers. Perhaps you are scared that you will blush, cry or embarrass yourself. Maybe you feel paralysed because your brain is releasing too many stress hormones. Unfortunately, your mates and schoolteachers can't understand or feel empathy for you, so you might be bullied further and feel even more powerless.

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