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Tell your child: Many children don't realise that there are many options to block bullying, and give up too quickly. Perhaps you don't realise that you or someone else could blockthe bullying once you find the right option.

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Children I have done this exercise with usually find it very encouraging.

• Record the number of sixes and ones.

• Now repeat another 40 times.

• You will get around six to eight sixes and ones.

In a board game, everyone wants the six, which equals success, whereas the one is a bummer. The six represents something that blocks bullies, whereas the one is a learning experience or mistake. When you toss a dice many times, you throw some successes and some bummers. No-one achieves successes (sixes) without bummers (ones). The two go together-the more bummers or failures you have, the more successes you get. By the law of averages, something you do will stop the bully.

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