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Many children are hesitant or scared to tell their parents and teachers about the bullying. And they are correct, it can get worse. So what do you do if they beg you to do nothing and insist that you don't inform the school, their other parent or siblings? Don't allow your child to imprison you in a code of silence. Clearly, she is ashamed or scared that things will deteriorate. But be on guard: secretiveness can breed violence. Besides, it may already be a real problem, and it won't improve unless something is done.

If your child fears publicity, tell her that most children know the bullies and targets. Besides, bullies know that if the school is unaware, it can't intervene, and they are free to commit further injury. If your child implores you to do nothing, tell her that you will teach her bully-blocking skills. Tell her that if nothing improves within three to four weeks, you will approach the school, as it would be irresponsible to allow your child to suffer, now or later. If your child is still terrified that the situation will deteriorate if you report, then guarantee her safety, e.g. 'I will protect you in this situation'. And make sure you keep your promise.

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