Real friends are committed to one another

There is a difference between real friends and casual friends. Casual friends come and go, whereas true friends really care about you. They show their commitment by maintaining regular contact, e.g. spending lunchtimes together, after-school visits, sleepovers. They invest in their friendship and don't expect more than they give. They mend their disappointments and have reasonable expectations. They don't take one another for granted but give each other space because they're not padlocked together. They forgive, forget and move on. Are you and your friends committed to your friendship? Although children banter and muck around, your friends may bully you or may not protect you when someone is bullying you.

If they don't respect your feelings when you tell them how you feel, using the 'I' word, then they are not a true friend. Then it's better to find friends who can respect and help you.

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