Nothing and noone can help

Some children believe that their parents, peers and teachers are as helpless as they are. They believe that bullying can't be stopped. Perhaps they were told to do nothing or to fight back, but it didn't work. Maybe the situation was handled poorly and the bullying continued.

Tell your child: Although it may seem pointless to take action when you don't believe anything can be done and it's a waste of time,you don't know what's possible until you try. Just because you feel bad doesn't mean that others are powerless. Even your mother can't always

read your mind perfectly, so you can't read someone else's mind. If you believe that no-one can help you, you stop others from trying. You don't know whether they are powerless or not until you try, so don't suffer because you feel powerless. Although you may feel pessimistic, there are some very effective skills in this book which can help you and give others 'a fair go', and allow them to help you.

Write down three faulty beliefs you need to change.

Moral Manifesto

Moral Manifesto

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