Identify What do you feel

The first step in blocking bullying is to identify the painful feelings you have about the bullying game. You need to check out your anger, fear and sadness (you won't be happy until you are smiling naturally). You can use the feedback from others to make sure you have identified all your feelings and behaviours. Look for these painful feelings all over your body: they could be hiding anywhere, inside or out. They are your survival instinct, warning you to confront or leave the bullying game. These feelings empower you to protect yourself and get help. You will go on to release the painful feelings, share your story with those you trust, work out your options, block the bullying and improve your friendships.


Use the above chart to pinpoint your feelings whenever you feel uncomfortable, e.g. you may feel fear in your stomach and anger in your hands. If you draw a larger chart, you can colour in all your feelings, including painful and happy ones. You can use any colours you like, or else red = mad, orange = bad, blue = sad, and yellow = glad. You can also use a combination of colours to represent a mixture of feelings, e.g. shame = anger + sadness (red and blue), embarrassment = anger + fear + sadness (red, orange and blue), and so on.

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