Believe in justice this isnt fair

This attitude is also expressed as: 'I'm not hurting them so they shouldn't hurt me', 'I'm just standing up for my rights', 'They always pick on me', 'They started it', 'They should play with me' and 'It's not my fault, I did nothing. The bully should get punished.'

Tell your child: You may have a strong belief in justice, as bullying is an abuse of your human rights. You believe that people shouldn't tease, bully or harass, especially for no reason. You need to accept that bullying happens although the reasons are camouflaged. Everyone bullies

to stay in groups, and the way you behave may show a bully what an easy target you are. Perhaps your social aspirations don't match the group, so it excludes you. Maybe you challenged a bully to prove your rights but instead exacerbated the situation. You know that life isn't fair, so you can'talways rely on justice. You need to help yourself and do something constructive to block the bullying.

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