Am very sensitive

Some children are born very sensitive and react to any threatening comment, regardless of its truth or falsehood. Instead of teaching them how to regulate their sensitivities, their parents accommodate them. They say, 'Don't be mean to little Billy because he is very sensitive.' But kids at school don't care. They treat the sensitive child like anyone else.

Tell your child: If bullies say things like, 'You idiot', 'This seat is reserved,' 'You made a mistake...ha ha', 'Go away' or 'You can't play with us today', you may think, 'How dare they treat me like this - my parents wouldn't do this!' It's a real shock. You're not sure

what to do. You react by showing fear, anger, or by doing nothing. The bully senses your vulnerability and attacks.

Apart from your family, close friends and teacher, it is nobody's business what you feel inside. So disguise your sensitivities and trick the bully.

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