Energise the survival instinct

Tell your child: Like every living being,you're born with a survival instinct. This basic, primitive sensor detects danger and protects you. It is also called a 'gut feeling' or the 'fight or flight instinct'. It creates the anger or fear to get us moving and do something to protect ourselves. It is normal, natural and necessary. It provides you with the biochemical, hormonal power to take action. When you confront danger or need to flee, you switch on your survival instinct. Maybe your survival instinct was blocked or something trained you to switch off when you could have been alert and active. There may be many reasons, such as you were bullied at home or you'd never had to deal with mean kids before. Regardless of whether the bullying is subtle or obvious, you need to take action to protect yourself and survive in the school jungle.

Write down occasions when you used your survival


instinct. Here are some examples:

You smelt something burning and told your mum.

You checked your homework diary and found

Kids activity

something you needed to do by tomorrow.

You checked the depth of the water before diving in.

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