Develop a support network Secret

Jackie is an only child who doesn't know how to relate to friendly kids or deal with kids who are mean. She becomes nasty when upset. The rest of her class regard her as babyish and overprotected. She is intelligent and gets good marks in class, but it's hard for the other kids to like or respect her. Nobody wants to work with her doing projects because she wants to do it her way. She gets upset when kids make silly comments or banter. She doesn't like fooling around, so they can't havefun working with her. Once she began a project with a group of girls, but they decided to do something else and left her. She had to do it on her own. It was hard but she persisted. Unfortunately, the other kids received a better mark because they had pooled all their resources. She was upset and could not understand why she hadn't done as well as the group.

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