Change direction

Allan was always small. He was teased in primary school but relied upon his older brother to confront the bully. When Allan began Year 9, afat boy who was repeating the year picked him up and threw him into the class rubbish bin every day for a week. Allan was very upset. The following week, Allan walked into the class and, instead of sitting in his usual seat, went straight to the rubbish bin and sat in it. Everyone in the class laughed. The bully was struck dumb but wasforced to laugh with the rest of the class. Allan had stolen the bully's thunder. The bullying ended.

Tell your child: Many children expect instant miracles when they ask for help. This could happen, but change usually comes from lots of hard work. The further you move away from your starting point, the greater the distance from your original path. So a tiny change in behaviour means a change in direction, which makes a big difference down the track. Reward yourself for any small changes of behaviour which prove you have changed direction.

Note: Adults working with children need to magnify and reinforce any positive change, and keep on magnifying, until the child sees and feels it. This creates his new direction.

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