Activate your power

Tell your child: Children who have been bullied often appear like doormats.They're so accustomed to bullies walking all over them that they look flattened and feel paralysed. If you are blocking bullies, you need to understand what power is,and use it. You will find that

experiencing a surge of power is an addictive feeling. Learn how to use it respectfully, assertively and constructively.

Can you remember any moments when you felt a surge of power, e.g. when you first tied shoelaces/learnt to read/confronted parents/went somewhere alone/obtained a good school result/won a game/fixed something difficult? Think about when you've achieved something special. Do you remember the power surge? Can you create a power surge for blocking bullies, such as: look them in the eye and stand still?

What are three things you can do to feel powerful?

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