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Handbook of parenting / edited by Marc H. Bornstein.—2nd ed. p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

Contents: v. 1. Children and parenting—v. 2. Biology and ecology of parenting—v. 3. Being and becoming a parent—v. 4. Social conditions and applied parenting—v. 5. practical issues in parenting.

ISBN 0-8058-3778-7 (hc : v. 1 : alk. paper)—ISBN 0-8058-3779-5 (hc : v. 2 : alk. paper)— ISBN 0-8058-3780-9 (hc : v. 3 : alk. paper)—ISBN 0-8058-3781-7 (hc : v. 4 : alk. paper)— ISBN 0-8058-3782-5 (hc : v. 5 : alk. paper)

1. Parenting. 2. Parents. I. Bornstein, Marc H.

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