In museums, both you and your child can have fun and learn science together. Science and technology museums, natural history museums and children's museums can be found in many middle-sized and smaller communities, as well as in large cities.

Museums vary in quality. If possible, try to find museums that have special areas, exhibits and "hands-on" programs just for children. In these programs, children are often able to use scientific equipment that is far too expensive or specialized for their schools to own. Look for museums that have:

* Levers to pull;

* Lights to switch on;

* Buttons to push;

* Animals to stroke; and

* Experiments to do.

Many museums offer special science classes. Look for IMAX theaters. These enable visitors to see giant-screen movies on subjects ranging from space launches to exploring the Antarctic.

Many of the tips for visiting the zoo are also helpful when you visit museums. For example, don't try to cover too much on one visit, and do try visiting at off hours when the crowds won't seem overwhelming.

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