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hand at milking a cow; others will explain how the equipment is used and the way milk makes its way from the farm to the grocery shelf.

If you visit a farm that grows crops, encourage your child to look at the crops and ask questions about what she sees. What crops are grown? How are they planted? How are they harvested? What are they used for? How do they get to the grocery store? If your child grew up in a city, she may have no idea what corn, soybeans, potatoes or pumpkins look like as they grow in a field. Caution: Don't let your child eat vegetables of fruit unless they have been carefully washed—and the farmer has given permission!

On any kind of farm, farmers use special machines such as tractors, harvesters, balers and so forth. Encourage your child to ask about any machines that she sees, including what they're used for and how they work.

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