Toddler Talk: Techniques & Games

Toddler Talk: Techniques & Games

The Toddler Talk: Techniques and games is the most recent and revised eBook that provides several guidelines for professionals and experts in the tough stage of working on a toddler’s first words together with other language skills. The version of the publication is only available at speech therapy talk. Knowing how to communicate is a very important skill; one that is powerful and essential for life. All language skills give us an opportunity to express ourselves well, create relationships, make others know what we want or need, know how to write and read, enjoy life, learn in school, and many more benefits. The extensively researched publication offers functional therapy methods to encourage first words with no hassle or tears.

The early stages of development that normally starts at birth are vital for healthful language development. Numerous language skills constantly build upon each other and have several areas of delay can result in problems dealing with learning and communicating. Moreover, listening and speaking abilities are closely related to reading and writing skills.

It is great news indeed to discover that for prevention and intervention, a language enriched play is available particularly so that your child can significantly reduce and work on any language complications in later years. For a parent, it may look like it is quite impossible to help your child start talking, improve vocabulary, cultivate early grammar skills, and develop a stable set up for language learning. It is understandable because being a parent of a toddler is not easy; it can be overwhelming sometimes because of loads of information available on the internet, lack of sleep, constant criticism from everyone, being too busy to think clearly and much more. To make the situation worse, you discover that your child is not yet talking and you are losing it since you do not know where to begin. As a parent, you find yourself worried about where to work on first, what will ultimately work, and if you can succeed. You do not need to be anxious; the eBook can help parents step up with the simple, easy to follow language strategies they can implement at home immediately. Besides, Bridget attended graduate school for communication disorders and has 12 years of experience working as a speech-language pathologist. The book handles all the questions you have about how to give your child the boost they need.

What is different about this book is that it will not give you only one way to train your child to talk; the reason being every child is a person with specific needs, wants, personality, and learning styles. What will be successful to one child does not necessarily guarantee it will be perfect for the other child. Consequently, Bridget has incorporated quite a number of learning strategies that speech-language pathologists utilize in their therapy sessions; an advantage is that you will be able to choose which strategy will be the most effective for your child.

An important requirement of the strategies is each of them should be used all through the day to augment language learning during every daily activity. The strategies will assist children to advance in receptive and expressive language skills in very easy ways; parents will not be worried about whether this process is tedious.

From the book, parents will go through a review about language development, verified language therapy techniques, valid conversational styles, language learning games, play ideas aimed at a particular skill and age, stages of play and what the parent should expect, and how to best play with the child.

The book is suitable for caregivers, parents, daycare providers, and all speech-language pathologists. The newest addition to the 2.0 version includes plenty of interesting games, a profound overview of language development, a speech and language check program meant for guiding practice and following through the progress; games are currently available in handout forms for professionals and parents to easily print. Also, the handouts are useful for professionals to add to a home practice program.

As mentioned earlier, Bridget has worked with adults, adolescents, and toddlers for over eleven years. Therefore, in her book Toddler Talk: Games and expectations, expect to find tips on developing practical speech therapy programs, several substantial ways to include language learning into the parent’s daily life without anything extra on your plate, advise based on extensive research and not only what scientists have to say. To save you the trouble, there are no quick fixes and at times Bridget includes personal stories owing to the fact that her oldest son has a speech delay. Finally, expect to come across a bit of bilingual language development since the author and her family are bilingual and they have fun putting it into action on a regular basis. Besides Toddler Talk: technique and games, Bridget is an author of other child development eBook series.

Toddler Talk: Techniques & Games
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