Teach Your Child to Read

About The Program

Children Learning Reading is a two-part program created by Jim Yang categorized into two eBooks. When you buy the course, you will instantly gain access to every two eBooks, and start using it immediately.

The program teaches parents about the use of phenomes, in which young children study the sounds that makeup words used in speech. The course's main objective is to build your child's skills and abilities to read and understand the particular phenomes that make up the common, day-to-day words. After they have mastered these skills, they will move onto learning new words and slowly, their reading skills will be developed and get better and stronger.

This groundbreaking program is great for your child because it does not depend on old teaching methods used in elementary schools such as sight words. Some online courses offer word recognition, but this is unique as it requires the child to sit in front of a TV or a computer for hours on end. Another thing that makes this program to stand out is the fact that it teaches children how to read in short, little steps. This way, the teachings will be more effective and will not drain your kid.

The short steps allow the kids to feel a sense of accomplishment each time they finish a step, thus making them eager to move to the next step.

The program also comes with some great, valuable bonuses to make the teaching of your kids seamlessly and efficiently.

What This Program Offers

Unlike many learning products in the market, this course offers a full package. It is more than just a set of lessons, as it also includes explanations. It also guides you and your kid in the reasoning as well as the theory behind its teaching approach. This gives you a full understanding of what the program is all about and the proven research that supports it.

The program is quite easier to follow through; as it is something you will understand. The course follows the principles of short but sharp inputs when teaching children.

You will learn that this program produces tangible results. The lesson plans are simple and easy to follow and unlike many other children learning materials, are not overwhelming. You will also discover that young children do not need extensive lessons or long training to become good at reading.

The program recommends teaching the same little lesson to the kids about five times every day and they will retain it.

Does This Program Work?

It does work, absolutely. The creator of the product uses the same techniques to teach their kids how to read and they witnessed tremendous results. The program works specifically because it employs the step-by-step techniques to build up slowly over time, based on repetition as well as the ease of implementation.

Who Is This Product For?

This course is designed to suit parents with young kids at home aged between 2 and 7. The parent will be actively involved in the teaching to help your child learn how to read phonetically through an easy, simple, and effective step-by-step guide. This program is totally worth your investment. The program can also be used by teachers you want to include something new to their curriculum.


  • This program comprehensively teaches and assists your kid to develop phonics and phonemic awareness skills.
  • It has an extensive introduction in the main eBook that highlights clearly the benefits and importance of early reading, as well as the steps needed to help your child learn how to read.
  • It is easy to follow and everything is spelled out in simple step-by-step lessons.
  • The audio clips that come with the program demonstrate the correct way to pronounce all the letter sounds, something that is rarely taught in schools.
  • It provides parents with an opportunity to learn phonics as well.
  • The techniques shared in this program are super-effective and it will be pleasant to how your child slowly develops their reading skills.
  • The program also comes with printouts that you can regenerate the hardcopies and use them anytime in your lesson with your child.
  • The lessons are short, which is ideal for the short attention spans of young children, as well as fit your busy schedules.
  • The program is way cheaper as compared to other products in the market.
  • The whole program is downloadable so you can instantly access it anytime, anywhere.


  • It requires you spent a lot of time daily helping your child learn. You will need to maintain high levels of consistency in order to get the desired results.
  • You must have an internet connection to be able to download the product.


This is a highly recommendable program. It is an effective way to teach your kids how to read at an early stage before even they start going to school. The product works perfectly and the first customer to review it is its creator, who used it on his children.

Teach Your Child To Read
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