Law Of Attraction For Kids

Law Of Attraction For Kids

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The eBooks are meant for both parents and kids of all ages because they are fun and easy to follow. Be ready for one of the most memorable times with your kids. As a matter of fact, kids will not recall more than some pieces of what they usually learn in school, but they will remember the time you assisted them to gain control and power over their lives and how it helped them to achieve a lot over the years. Therefore, don’t take chances on your kid’s future; provide them the incomparable gift of a self-made life.

The comprehensive success program has 1 audiobook, 3 Ebooks, and 9 Videos plus 10 special bonus games, guides, and activity sheets. The Happy family goal-setting enables your child to find out exciting capabilities skills that they were not aware of. As a parent, get helpful tips on improving self-esteem and the feeling of self-worth in your child particularly when you are not perfect in this department yourself. You will find out a trick to help your kids cultivate a knack for attaining great things in life.

The book will also help you give your kid a real sense of purpose, something that will get them through highs and lows for the rest of their lives. Your kids will look up to you after showing them that they can finally make all their wishes come true.

Other areas that the book will dwell on is how parents can inspire children to make their own goals and not to go after what their friends are doing because eventually, this behavior leads to disappointment. Also, for the very first time, equip your child with a feeling of self-sufficiency and the happiness that results from it. Make your child see that it is possible to create an amazing future; show them how to do it using this book.

The program makes the entire process fun, easy, and full of discovery so that you experience the joy that follows when you see your child triumph and expand with every new victory. While your kids are still young and have not been fully conditioned to the ‘hard life’, introduce new skills and abilities and an automatic ‘success cycle’ to them.

There are thirteen extra bonuses, the first one is an audio version that applies to parents; it is a guide to kid’s success for busy parents so that they can listen attentively when they are busy with other activities. The second extra bonus features 4 videos of success exercise meant for little kids; it makes it easier for young ones to carry out their goal-setting project with only minimal guidance from their busy parents. Be assured that your kids will enjoy the video training session; it is great for both auditory and visual learners. The video collection for younger kids in the Law of attraction includes the first video that outlines how to make a storyboard by visualizing. The second video shows how to make a goals ladder, the third is a strategy list for kids, while the last video is a kid’s guide about what they wish for.

The third extra bonus has five videos for success exercises targeting older kids. This provision makes it easier for older kids to perform their goal-setting projects without any guidance from their busy parents. The video training session is excellent for both auditory and visual learners. It is a fun session for them too.

Buyers get the other ten bonuses some of which have board games, puzzles, memory games, and activities to entertain the child while the rest are beneficial for parents since they contain tips on how to praise children and how to foster great relationships with their children.

The law of attraction is practical and it is the first book ever to explain what goal setting is for kids and what the law of attraction is in simple terms for them to understand. It has two wonderfully illustrated books one for older kids and the other for younger kids to completely walk them through tips of strategizing, goal setting and visualization. Activity sheets for children help them focus and improve each stage of learning. Make an order online to get the entire package.

Jessi Hoffman is an author coach and an industry trained book editor with more than twenty years of editing experience. Previously, she was the editor-in-chief of a university press, she has then worked for a regional magazine, and she has worked for several publishers just before starting her own business sixteen years ago serving private clients. Besides providing one-on-one coaching to authors, she has taught writing in colleges and helped hundreds of aspiring authors to perfect and sharpen their skills. Jessi has also authored several published children’s books including The Law of attraction for kids.

Law Of Attraction For Kids
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