Alfred University Summer Institute In Writing Writing camp

Melody McLay, Director Office of Summer Programs 1 Saxon Drive Alfred, NY 14802-1205 (607) 871-2612 [email protected]

quick take: An intensive program that helps young adults improve and develop writing skills. Located in the beautiful town of Alfred in upstate New York, is a great opportunity for your student to begin searching for college. Students experience the college environment and dorm life first hand.


fees: Application fee, $75 (deadline, May 24); boarding fee, $395-$425.

dates: One session of 5 days in June or July background: In 2000, the university decided to expand its offerings by holding summer camps for young adults who will soon be prospective college students.

description: The program at Alfred University gives young adults the opportunity to improve their writing through lectures and workshops. The program also delves into reading and text analysis. A strong program in creative writing is also offered. The goal is to create well-written work suitable for high school, and even college, courses. Your teenager will have time for recreational activities and a chance to meet fellow students. This writing program is but one of the many programs offered at Alfred University. It also provide camps in astronomy, art and design, and music. There are job opportunities for writers aged nineteen and older.

our take: Alfred University is located in a safe, picturesque area, but it is a bit far from the airport (Rochester International Airport is 65 miles away). Transportation can be provided (although there is a charge) by the university. Your child will be challenged in the art of writing and in the revision of original work. This program would be suitable for great writers, or those who want to become a more mature writer.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: This is a serious program. RAs (resident advisers) are with the kids for the week and work to make it a social as well as a learning experience. Because writing is a skill needed in today's job market, every student will benefit from the opportunity to hone his or her skills.

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