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You left on a business trip. You had a late meeting. Your child fell asleep. Or you just plain forgot to affirm your kid's efforts today. Well, there are no more excuses—or guilt. Here are a few simple ways to acknowledge your children's efforts even when you're miles away or they're asleep.

1. Lunch bag memo. Write a little note on a paper napkin and put it in her lunch bag: "Selena, good luck today at your game. Remember, it's not if you win that matters, it's how you play the game. See you at dinner. Love, Mom."

2. Kitchen notes. Keep a set of magnets on your refrigerator to attach short notes: "Alex, Grandma loved your picture because she knew how much time you put into it. Love, Mom."

3. Post-it message. Keep a set of self-adhesive notes handy to stick brief messages to your child everywhere! "Your room looks great. You put a lot of time into straightening out that closet. Kudos to you! Love, Mommy."

4. PillowGram. Slip a message under your child's pillow: "Ben, I loved looking at your schoolwork today. I know the math is hard, but I saw how hard you tried. Sleep tight! Love, Mother."

5. Photograph note. Want a great way to use that new digital or cell phone camera? Take a shot of your child's effort: the bed finally made or his practicing shooting hoops or piano, and hang it on your refrigerator with a brief affirming note: "Saw you practicing out there. You're getting better with every shot!" Even a toddler will appreciate the photo and can see that you appreciate her efforts.

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