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1. Frame the image. Take a photograph of your child's special strengths in action. If your child is athletic, a good friend, and reliable, the photos might be of your child hitting a baseball, playing with friends, and taking care of her pets. Frame the snapshots and put them around your child's room, on the refrigerator, or right in the middle of your coffee table. Just be sure you describe her strength when you explain why you framed the photograph. Even if you forget to remind her of the talent each day, she'll see the image.

2. Hold a strength talk. Remind your child each night by having a one-minute strength talk. Hold your child's hand in yours and let each of her fingers be a reminder of one of her unique strengths: "You are good at so many things: you're artistic, kind, responsible, a hard worker, and have such a wonderful smile." One mom told me the "strength talk" became an evening ritual her kids loved so much that they begged her to write their special strengths on each of their fingers. She did—but used a permanent marker instead of a watercolor pen. It didn't bother her kids at all. They just went to school the next day and explained to the teacher why they had words all over their hands.

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