What Real Moms Can Learn from This Story

Jennifer Wong loved her son as much as any mom could; that was never in doubt. The problem was that Michael didn't know it, because his mother was so wrapped up in her dreams of his future that she was insensitive to what was really going on with him in his present day-to-day struggles to please her. Sure his test scores and grades were important, but in Michael's mind they had become the only way to earn his mother's love. What she missed was how much Michael needed her unqualified affection and approval, regardless of how he did in school.

The essential secret for real mothering here is that unconditional love doesn't depend on performance (or anything else, for that matter). Unconditional love is your total, absolute commitment, devotion, and tender affection for your children exactly as they arrived to you and have developed so beautifully over the years. The basic foundation for all good parenting is the ability to convey this unconditional love and sensitivity to your child's needs.

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Joy Of Modern Parenting Collection

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