What Real Moms Can Learn from This Story

By today's standards, Cindy Cutler was an unconventional mother. Compared to the other mothers in her community, she appeared less willing to go along with the usual image and requirement for the "perfect mom." She had tried that route of doing and being it all, but quickly realized that it didn't work and wasn't good for her children. For her the "ah-ha" moment was when she found herself screaming at her one-year-old for spilling her orange juice on the floor. How many of us have done something similar? But have we also been able to change our parenting style as Cindy did?

Cindy was determined to maintain a balance in her life. Of course she loved her children and wanted the best for them. But she knew that her children would suffer if she continued to pressure them with more and more activities and requirements, a high-performance regime dictated largely by external expectations. She also knew that for her to be the best possible mom she could be, it was crucial for her to maintain her own health, strength, and endurance; to have a fulfilling relationship with her husband, Brad; and to develop her own creativity and skills in the workplace.

For her pains, Cindy Cutler was slandered, and her daughter was denied a prize she really deserved. This did annoy her, but despite the slings and arrows from her so-called friends, Cindy stuck to her guns and continued to earn the respect and admiration of her daughter Teresa and her friends, and of all the other members of her family. History has vindicated Cindy. Her principled vision of motherhood has produced wonderful kids and a happy family life.

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