ReaL moms secret

A Mother Who Accepts Her Children's Shortcomings Nurtures Resilience

What Real Mothers Know: Support Your Children's Natural Abilities and Don't Stress Their Weaknesses

What Really Matters for Mothering: Be Accepting

The Real Benefit for Kids: Optimism and a Bounce-Back Attitude

The Lesson a Real Mother Teaches: Probably the one thing every woman wants most is a healthy child. We pray our kids will be blessed with good health, but we also desperately hope life will bring them happiness. Unfortunately, all too many children aren't dealt easy "life sentences." The array of difficulties might include autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, chronic illness, depression, or hearing impairments. But whatever the issue, real mothers know that some things can be changed and some can't. And real moms realize that accepting what can't be changed is a big secret to helping their children cope with their challenges and get on with their lives. And so these moms focus on ways to cultivate their children's natural strengths, skills, and talents and don't stress their weaknesses. The lesson their acceptance teaches their kids is the kind of powerful influence that nurtures a bounce-back attitude, hopefulness, and positive self-esteem. And they are the exact same traits any child needs to handle life with confidence and optimism.



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