Real Moms Secret A Mother Who Takes Time for Her Children Helps Them Build Strong Relationships

Real Mom Alert (study of over a thousand fourteen-year-olds and their parents): M. Kerr and H. Stattin, "What Parents

Know, How They Know It, and Several Forms of Adolescent Adjustment: Further Support for a Reinterpretation of Monitoring," Developmental Psychology, 2000, 36, 366-380, described in J. Garbarino and C. Bedard, Parents Under Siege: Why You Are the Solution, Not the Problem, in Your Child's Life (New York: Free Press, 2001), pp. 106-108.

Real Mom Alert quotation: L. Steinberg, The 10 Basic Principles of Good Parenting (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2004), p. 48.

Single Parenting

Single Parenting

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