Real Moms Secret A Mother Who Encourages Independence Cultivates Self Reliance

Percentage of twenty-six-year-olds living with parents doubles since 1970 from 11 percent to 20 percent based on citations from Bob Schoeni, University of Michigan. L. Grossman, "Grow Up? Not so Fast," Time, Jan. 24, 2005, p. 44.

Data from 2002 U.S. Census (four million people between twenty-five and thirty-four live with parents) cited in P. Tyre, "Bringing Up Adultolescents," Newsweek, Mar. 25, 2002, p. 39.

60 percent of college students plan to live at home after graduation: online survey by, a job-search firm, cited in Tyre, "Bringing Up Adultolescents."

Real Mom Alert (kids' unreadiness to cope with life): M. Levine, Ready or Not, Here Life Comes (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2005).

Real Mom Alert (teaching a never-give-up attitude): L. Terman's study cited in J. N. Shrunken, Terman's Kids: The Groundbreaking Study of How the Gifted Grow Up (New York: Little, Brown, 1992).

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