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A Mother Who Is a Good Role Model Gives Her Children an Example Worth Copying

What Real Mothers Know: Model the Behavior You Want Your Children to Copy

What Really Matters Most for Mothering: Be Conscious of Your Example

The Real Benefit for Kids: Character, Values, and Love

The Lesson a Real Mother Teaches: One of the simplest and most important secrets of real mothering is recognizing that kids learn by watching and listening. So be careful, Mom. Our children see how we react to stress, and they mimic our example. They hear how we speak to (or about) our friends, and they talk the same way to their peers. They tune in to what makes us tear up or become angry or soften, and they mimic. Our kids learn patience or impatience, compassion or indifference, tolerance or prejudice, frugality or materialism through our daily example. It's such a simple secret, but one too often overlooked. We just plain fail to realize how influential we can be in our children's lives. Maybe it's because we're all too caught up in this modern motherhood misconception that the other stuff (the doing, the going, the activities) is what's crucial. Slow down, Mom: don't undermine your influence. Your everyday example is a living textbook to your children. What you model to your child in those little everyday unplanned moments can be far more important than all the flash cards, carpools, computer games, and tutoring. Real moms recognize the teaching tool of modeling and know that it has a tremendous influence on their children's lives.

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