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"12 Simple Secrets Real Moms Know is a godsend for all the anxious, stressed-out mothers who worry that they're not 'doing enough' (and that's pretty much everyone!)."

—Christiane Northrup, M.D., author, Mother-Daughter Wisdom and Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

"As a member of Congress, I am faced daily with the challenge of balancing my work in Washington, D.C., with the most important job that I will ever have—being a mother to my two children. I am a firm believer in the importance of parental involvement and the tremendous influence mothers can have on their child's development. I appreciate the message that this book champions and the guidance it provides to mothers struggling to foster a brighter future for their children."

—Mary Bono, member of Congress,

California's 45th District, and mother of two

"Michele Borba has done it again. She's given mothers a book full to the brim with wisdom, stories, and tips on how to raise happy, well-adjusted children."

—Mimi Doe, author, Busy but Balanced; founder, SpiritualParenting.com; and mother of two

"Michele infuses you with the wisdom and warmth of her more than twenty years of teaching, shares the savvy of her in-depth research of over 5,000 parents, and helps return you to the heart of successful parenting."

—Stacy Debroff, author, The Mom Book, and founder of momscentral.com

"A practical, easy-to-read guide, full of great examples to help mothers teach their children the skills that will eventually be invaluable for greater success and happiness in college."

—Richard Kadison, M.D., chief of the Mental Health Service, Harvard University Health Services

12 Simple Secrets Real Moms Know


1. A mother who loves teaches worth.

2. A mother who is firm and fair gives her children a moral code to live by.

3. A mother who listens shows her children they matter.

4. A mother who is a good role model gives her children an example worth copying.

5. A mother who teaches values inspires character.

6. A mother who supports her children's strengths builds their confidence.

7. A mother who encourages independence cultivates self-reliance.

8. A mother who applauds effort nurtures perseverance.

9. A mother who accepts her children's shortcomings nurtures resilience.

10. A mother who takes time for her children helps them build strong relationships.

11. A mother who laughs teaches joy.

12. A mother who takes care of herself holds together her happy family.

—Michele Borba

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