Just Switching a Pronoun Can i real mom wisdom Make a Difference

Instead of saying "I'm really proud of your work," say, "You must be really proud of your efforts." Switching from "I" to "you" takes the emphasis off of your approval and puts it on your child's efforts.

to acknowledge themselves. A simple way to help them is by pointing out what they did that deserved merit and then reminding them to acknowledge themselves internally (to use "self-talk"). Here's how it works: suppose your son has had difficulty controlling his temper whenever he loses at his soccer games. This time you noticed that he really made an effort to use self-control and not blame everyone for the loss. During a private moment, encourage him to acknowledge his success: "John, you really made an effort not to say anything negative about the other team today. You used good self-control. Did you remember to tell yourself that you did a great job?"

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