Mother Who Takes Care of Herself Holds Together Her Happy Family

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What Real Mothers Know: The Best Thing for Your Family Is a Happy, Healthy You

What Really Matters for Mothering: Stay Balanced

The Real Benefit for Kids: Happiness, Optimism, and Security

The Lesson a Real Mother Teaches: Real moms know that they can't lose sight of their own needs. Taking care of those needs is what helps them feel rejuvenated so they have the strength to nurture and guide their children. So they give themselves permission to take time for themselves. Think about it: what your kids really need is a genuine, healthy, and energized woman who enjoys not only her family but also herself. And when you find the time to nourish yourself (whether it be your relationships, soul, body, or mind), your family will be more likely to appreciate the real you: an interesting, evolving, happier woman who loves them and loves life. The simple everyday examples of working in the garden, reading (or writing!) that great American novel, taking a computer class, meditating, writing in your journal, talking with a friend, soaking in the tub, taking an exercise class, dating your husband—they all teach children the importance of finding balance. It's a lesson they will need when they finally leave your nest and forge their own lives.

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