Web resources

AARP Grandparent Information Center



Has several links related directly to grandparents raising grandchildren, including how to find a support group in your area, local resources, information on legal issues, and much more.

American Psychological Association (www.apa.org/psychnet/)

Provides helpful information and links on topics relating to families and mental health. Includes links for help finding a psychologist plus recent publications for families, children, and professionals.

Child Trauma Academy (www.childtrauma.org)

This site is dedicated to improving the lives of high-risk children. Includes a paper discussing the issues of attachment in maltreated children (www.childtrauma.org/ CTAMATERIALS/Attach_ca.asp).

Cyfernet (www.cyfernet.org)

A national network of all the public land-grant universities in the country. The website contains a wide range of research-based information on child development, parenting, and issues facing grandparents raising grandchildren.

Generations United (www.gu.org) An extensive website on healthy intergenerational strategies, programs,and policies. Specifically focuses on public policy and kinship care issues.

Grand Parent Again (www.grandparentagain.com)

Offers valuable info rm ation on edu-cati on , legal support, support g rou p s,and other org an i zations fo r g ra n d p a rents raising gran d ch il dren .

Grandparenting Today (www.uwex.edu/ces/flp/grandparent/) Provides information and resources for grandparents raising grandchildren as well as links to numerous other sites. Developed by Dr. Mary Brintnall-Peterson, one of the coauthors of this series.

GrandsPlace (www.grandsplace.com) This site is dedicated to supporti n g gran dparents and other rel atives raising others'chil dren .It provi d es opportunities for gran dparents g ather and share inform ation in a supporti ve and helpful environm ent,

Helping Children Cope with Stress



This article discusses children's reactions to stress as well as strategies for helping them cope.

National Sleep Foundation (www.sleepfoundation.org)

People experiencing significant changes often find their sleep is disrupted, making it harder to cope.This site provides a wealth of useful resources related to sleep. It also gives information about what to expect about children's sleep at different ages and how to help children cope with sleep problems

Zero To Three (www.zerotothree.org) A national organization dedicated to helping parents and professionals care for young children.The website contains information about a range of child development and parenting related topics for grandparents.

Finding Internet sources on your own

There are a wide variety of additional resources on the web for grandparents raising grandchildren. Often, finding information is the easy part. Finding reliable, accurate information is not so easy.The following is a list to consider when you're evaluating a web site:

• Who is the author of the site and what are their credentials?

• Who maintains the site?

• Is the site affiliated with a reliable organization, such as a university or government-run establishment?

• Does the site list other resources or a guide for finding more information?

• Does the site reference, or list, where their information is from?

• When was the site last updated?

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