Questions to ask yourself

• How would I describe my family? What are or were my parents like? What was my relationship with them like when I was growing up? What is my relationship like with them now (if they are still living)?

• What kinds of things are passed down in my family? What are the positive characteristics or strengths? What are the negative characteristics or problems?

• How do I think about close relationships with others? Am I comfortable getting close to others? Would I rather not be close to others? Or do I want to get very close, almost too close for the other person's comfort?

• What are my feelings when I read through this information? Do I feel defensive or angry? Why?

• Have I ever participated in therapy? Is that something I would consider if I thought it would help my grandchild?

• What was I like as a parent when my own children were growing up? What is my relationship like with my children now?

• What am I like as a grandparent? Do my past experiences affect how I behave and react now?

• Am I, or have I been, depressed? How tired am I? Am I able to respond to my grandchildren in a positive way? Am I emotionally available?

• Am I getting the help that I need? Do I have at least one person I can talk to, someone who will really listen and support me, no matter what?

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