Questions to ask yourself

• When my grandchild asks me questions, how do I answer? If I can't give them the "whole" story, what do I say?

• Throughout the day, do I take time to listen to what my grandchildren are saying (and not saying)? What do their behaviors tell me?

• Do I talk about my feelings in a way that helps my grandchild? Do I encourage my grandchildren to talk about their feelings? Do they need help learning how to describe their feelings?

• How do I communicate with my grandchild? How do I communicate with my own adult child? Are my feelings affecting communication between my grandchild and his/her parents?

• When I talk to others about the child's parents, what does my grandchild hear?

• What do others say about my grandchild's parents? How does this make me and my grandchild feel?

• How do I respond when my grandchild talks about his or her parent(s)? Do I encourage or discourage these conversations?

• Am I able to talk about my feelings with my grandchild in a way that is appropriate? How can I help my grandchild talk about his or her feelings?

• Do I know when to seek help? Are there people I can talk to when I feel very angry?

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