Good practices for parentchild contact

Children benefit most when contact is positive, predictable, and consistent.

If possible, it is good to make the visits a part of the child's routines. It is best if visits are planned ahead of time and if each person follows through with his or her promises about visiting. It helps to be clear with the parents about what you expect for visits.

To make each visit a good one for the child, communication needs to be open, honest, and clear.When plans need to be changed, children need to be told why, in a way they can understand. Children may still be upset by the change, even when they understand the reasons.

Whether or not a visit occurs, remember to give your grandchild the chance to express how he or she feels. If the parent does not show up as planned, or the visit does not go well, don't say hurtful things about the parent. Criticizing the parent does not help the child. If you need to vent, talk with a supportive adult when the child isn't around or can't overhear you.

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