1. Understanding children's development

• Individual differences

• Areas of development

• Concerns about children's development

• Special issues for children in kinship care

2. The importance of close relationships

What is attachment?

Characteristics of positive attachment figures

Types of attachment relationships

Developing attachment relationships

What do healthy relationships mean for a child?

Culture and attachment

Relationship expectations: Now and in the future

What does your grandchild expect?

Implications for future relationships

Resilience: From heartbreak to hope

Relationship pathways

4. Disruptions in close relationships: How they affect a child's behaviors, thoughts, and feelings

What is a disruption?

Stages of coping

Setbacks in coping

How a child handles stress during a disruption

Resilience:What helps?

Helping your granchild cope

Where to go for help

5. The importance of open communication

• Helping your grandchild communicate

• Problems in communication

• How much should you tell young children?

• Behaviors as communication: What is your grandchild trying to tell you?

• Helping grandchildren and their parents stay in touch

• What interferes with open communication?

• Being a role model for your grandchild

6. Understanding children's behaviors

Concerns about children's behaviors

Common behavior problems

Warning signs of serious behavior problems

Suggestions for responding Where to go for help Parenting styles

Culture and parenting strategies

7. Children's contact with their parents

• Each situation is unique

• Alternatives to visits

Helping children make positive transitions

• Good practices for parent-child contact

8. The cycle of family patterns

• Patterns across generations

• Breaking negative family cycles

• Grandparents'thoughts and feelings about close relationships

• The relationship between you and your grandchild

• Other family relationships

• Grandparents'well-being and children's development

9. Additional resources

• Descriptions of recommended books and web sites that offer more information on topics about grandparents raising grandchildren.

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