Concerns about childrens behaviors

Grandparents often worry about their grandchildren's behaviors and how to manage them. Children's problem behaviors occur for many different reasons. Some of these behaviors can happen as:

• A response to another person

• A way to communicate

• A way to express feelings

• A way to divert attention from other problems

It is important to understand that a child's behaviors happen in certain situations. As the child's caregiver,how you respond to these behaviors is important.You can:

Try to help the child change the behaviors

Try to understand the event(s) that led to the behaviors

Try to understand what message the child is trying to communicate

Try to understand the child's feelings

Try to understand the context in which the behaviors occur

Young children like having a routine and understanding.They respond to a caregiver's positive and negative actions and feelings. If caregivers respond to children's behaviors with punishment, negative cycles can start.



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