Maybe My Child Will Grow out of His Symptoms

This is unlikely. Most children with clear symptoms of AD/HD actually get worse as they get older. It's very difficult raising a child with untreated AD/HD, and much research shows that parental warmth is less toward the untreated child with lots of AD/HD symptoms. About half of older children with untreated or unrecognized AD/HD may go on to have oppositional or conduct disorders that can bring extreme stress and law enforcement problems to a family.

Psychiatric disorders in children can cause lifelong shadows since the suffering disability and family distress leads to additional problems. Older children with untreated AD/HD have a very high incidence of poor school performance, substance abuse, car accidents, strained family and friend relationships, high job turnovers, and general life difficulties. Early and appropriate intervention can avert a downward spiral of bad effects.

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