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Life often presents us with painful and stressful realities beyond our control. While watching our children suffer with or through these is difficult, parents who ignore these stressors in order to make their children happy take a path that is detrimental to their child's proper development. Your goal (following Principle #3) must be to help your child deal with his tragedies or troublesome life events in a way that strengthens his character.

Sharing truths about sad occurrences ("Mommy and Daddy are going to stop living with each other." "Grandpa died last night." "We are your real parents, but you also have a biological mother and father." "Daddy lost his job." "Honey, the doctor says you have a really bad illness.") may cause your child to suffer. This is truly a better course, however, than denying these truths or covering them up. Children often have a "sixth sense" about the bad things that happen in a household, and pretending things are normal when they aren't, creates serious problems. For example, as sume for a moment that your family faces a huge stress or impending tragedy. If you hide your tears or try to shield your child from pain by shipping her off to a protected environment, she will learn that people leave the ones they love when they need them the most. By showing your emotions honestly, you allow your child to learn to deal with life in a constructive way.

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