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If you only tackle

... get some vitamin-packed fruit into your little ones! A little sneaky this one - but simply cut up bananas and dunk the ends in Hundreds & Thousands. We guarantee there'll be clean plates all round (and that's just the adults!).

Meet this month's contributors...

Ben Raworth

Ben writes our From Lad to Dad column each month, having become father to baby Florence a year ago. 'Before Florence came along, I was a confirmed bachelor, living a rather charmed, spoiled, selfish life. But I can honestly say she's the best thing to happen to me and I'm happy to have (somewhat) settled down at last. Plus, I get to relive my childhood with a little pal...' Ben tackles the tricky issue af childcare on page 102

New dad Ben (left) and (above) as a cheeky little lad

Annette Maloney

Each month, health visitor and mum of two Annette answers your parenting queries. So what are the most common problems she sees? 'Many mums think they're the only ones not coping, but in reality we all struggle. My advice to new mums is to get out every day and talk to someone. It helps to share a concern and it keeps life in perspective.' Read Annette's advice on page 55

Annette (left) and as a bonny babe with her proud mum (below)

Annette (left) and as a bonny babe with her proud mum (below)

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