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Asda's new Great Stuff kids' range. These meals, drinks and && snacks have been made to provide little ones with a healthy, balanced diet, and they get the thumbs-up for taste too. Squeezy Fomage Frais Bugs (left) cost £1.98 for four, Asda.

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Erin Grace is the winner of the Comfort Pure 2006 calendar competition - find out more at comfortpure.co.uk

We've rounded up today's best buys for you and your little one

Try Lansinoh's Breast Milk Storage Bags if you're expressing milk. They're sterilised and attach directly to the breast pump. A pack of 25 costs £4.95 from good ^ chemists. For info, call 0113 259 1425.

Enjoy some traditional Easter fun with your tots by making these lovely bonnets. Decorate your own bonnet, £5, Woolworths. For stockists, call 01706 862789.

Keep your little ones occupied wherever you go with a train set that can come along too. What a great idea! Little Tikes Fold 'N' Go Train, £20. For stockists, call 0800 521558.

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With summer around the corner, it's time to get out in the garden. So why not get the kids to help with their own set of lightweight tools from Darlac, £4,95, For stockists, call 01753 547790, loving m

Calling all chocoholics! Here's the perfect excuse to indulge yourself for a good cause! The Miscarriage Association is running a Chocolate Challenge during Easter week (April 1622) when supporters will hold all sorts of chocolate-themed events, from chocolate egg-and-spoon races to chocolate finger painting. For a Fundraising Pack, call 01924 200795 or log on to miscarriageassociation.org.uk.

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