Midwifeled Unit Or Birthing Centre

What's their transfer rate? How many births a year? What's their episiotomy rate? What's the normal length of stay?

For more information, log on to these websites.

• drfoster.co.uk for statistics of local maternity services



Pregnacare - the perfect safeguard before, during and after pregnancy

Whether you're pregnant or plann i ng a pregnancy, i t's i mportant to eat the r i ght food. Your baby reli eson what you eat, as you're hi s only source of nour i shment, and i t's also i mportant to take certa i n v i tam i ns and m i nerals to help keep yourself healthy.

Pregnacare, a balance of 17 essent i al v i tam i nsand m i nerals, has been formulated by doctors and pharmac i sts as a nutr i t ional safeguard for women from before concepti on, through pregnancy and whi le breastfeed ing. It i ncludes400mcgof fol i c ac i d, wh i ch i s the exact level recommended for the development of the unborn baby.

Also ava ilable i s Pregnacare Cream, to protect your stretchi ng and contract ing sk in from any last ing effects. The Pregnacare range i s ava ilable from Boots, Superdrug, Holland & Barrett, chemi sts and health outlets. For more i nformation, and to order onl i ne, log on to pregnacare.com.

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