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At 22 weeks your little one ' measures up to a corn cob


At 22 weeks your little one ' measures up to a corn cob is your baby now?

It's hard to get your head round the concept that you're growing a baby in your womb, let alone actually picture it and imagine how big it is! It's PP to the rescue again, then, because we've put together a never-seen-before, week-by-week, pictorial guide to help. So now you can actually see how big your baby's getting in everyday kitchen food and appliance terms* and everyone else you tell will be able to picture your little one, too. Genius!

OBy the end of the first ~0 5 weeks, your embryo WEEKS is 2.5mm (l/ioin) long, which is about the same size as a grain of rice.

6 Your embryo is ^cm (^in) long at this point - that's WEEKS equivalent to the size of a sunflower seed.

7 Your developing baby has a growth spurt WEEKS this week and is the size of a green pea.

8 Your embryo is roughly the same size as a WEEKS raspberry now.

9 Now your embryo has graduated to WEEKS being called a foetus (it means 'little one') and has also grown to 2.5cm (lin) - about the size of a blackberry.

By the end of this JJ0 week, your baby wil WEEKS be 3.5cm (1/2in) long. In both shape and size, he resembles a pea pod!

n Between 2.5 and 5cm (1-2in) long, your foetus WEEKS is kicking and swallowing and is roughly the same size as a big grape.

From crown ,1,2 to rump (that's WEEKS head to bottom to you!), your little one has grown to 6.5cm (2^in). In fruit-bowl terms, he's

the size of a large, juicy strawberry.

Around 7.5cm

(3in) long, WEEKS your baby's the size of a kiwi fruit.

Now 7.5-10cm J4 (3-4in) long, your WEEKS baby's about the same size as a large spinach leaf.

Weighing just 50g ,1,5 (2oz), your baby is WEEKS about 10cm (4in) long - not unlike a quite arge baby sweetcorn

- you know, the kind you might add to a stir-fry.

Your XO baby WEEKS may measure

11-12cm (4^/2-43/4in). His legs are now growing longer than his arms and he's getting quite chunky - about the equivalent of a big orange.

At almost X7 12.5cm (5in) WEEKS long and weighing 170g (6oz), your baby's approximately the size of an avocado.

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