What a Hirl wants

... to smooth out those post-baby stretch marks and look slinky again!



Boost your skin colour with fake tan and stretch marks won't be so noticeable. We've even found one that smells delicious! Xen-Tan Dark Mist, £21.95 (0870 850 5626; xen-tan.co.uk) gives a great, natural-looking tint. Spray it on and three hours later you'll develop a rich, long-lasting colour. Don't want to go so dark. Try the Xen-Tan Tan Extender, £17.95. It's great for topping up a tan or for a light brown shade.

Avon Solutions Re-Fine Stretch Mark Smoother, £10 (0845 601 4040* avonshop.co.uk) gets the thumbs up from anyone who's used it. Besides, it has a money-back guarantee, so is well worth a go.

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