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At 33 weeks he's really bulking up and is the length of a watermelon

Stirring stuff: He's the length of an average wooden spoon at 27 weeks

At about 19cm (7^in) from crown to rump, your baby's WEEKS as big as a corn cob.

Your little one weighs 20 almost one whole pounc WEEKS (450g)! He's just over 20cm long (that's nearly 8in) and next time you're cutting into a butternut squash, think of him - that's how big he is at 23 weeks!

Imagine a large aubergine 24 and you've pretty much WEEKS got the size of your little one at 24 weeks - that's about 21cm (8^in). How cute is that?

Weighing in at more than 20 ^kg (1lb 2oz), he coulc WEEKS measure 22cm ( 8%in) by now - just picture a pack of spaghetti (wholemeal, of course!) and there's your baby!

By now your little one,

26 safely turning somersaults WEEKS in your uterus, could be about 23cm (9in) long. That's about the same size as a packet of Old El Paso Tacos (length-wise)!

After a massive growth

27 spurt, your baby could now WEEKS be a whopping 25.5cm (10in) - that's the length of the average wooden spoon.

Now 26cm (10^in) from 20 crown to rump (and a huge WEEKS 39cm (15/2in) from top to toe!), just look at the width of your copy of PP opened up flat and that's your baby's length with his legs tucked into his body.

Not long to go now! This 29 is the start of the thin: WEEKS trimester and by this week, your baby could measure 42cm

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