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TOMMEE TIPPEE Well-established, trustedbrand, now 50 years old. Famous for feeding but constantly expanding into new areas. Great-quality products and some good ideas to make parenting fun.

AVENT UK's leading babyfeeding brand with nearly 49% of the total market. Particularly well known for bottles, sterilisers, breast pumps and trainer cups.

MOTHERCARE was founded in 1961 and is one of the most recognisable consumer brands on the British high street, inspiring trust and promising value for generations of parents.

FISHER-PRICE has been experts in play for more than 75 years, producing safe and trusted products for little ones.


What you should know before buying a steriliser:

• There are three to choose from: cold water uses sterilising fluid or tablets and tends to have a lengthy cycle; electric kills bacteria using steam heat; microwaves go in the microwave and use steam.

• As for size, if you're fully bottlefeeding opt for a steriliser that holds at least six bottles - both wide-neck and standard. If you're just giving the occasionalbottle of formula or expressed breast milk, check that the breast pump fits in the steriliser. And make sure your microwave steriliser fits in your microwave! V_>

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